The World's Smallest & Fanless ATX PSU Pictured: Meet The HDPLEX 250W With Gallium Nitride Technology

2022-06-15 12:54:53 By : Ms. Belle Huang

HDPLEX, the creator of fan-less and compact PCs has revealed the world's smallest & fanless ATX PSU with a rated output of 250W.

The new HDPLEX 250W PSU (HDPLEX 250W GaN Passive AIO) is not only the world's smallest ATX PSU but it comes in a fully passive design which means that no active-cooling solution is required. The whole unit measures 170*50*25mm, making it even smaller than SFX and FlexATX designs in the compact PC segment.

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The whole unit is just slightly larger and thicker than an average smartphone such as the iPhone which makes it a perfect fit for SFF PC configurations. That's not all, the HDPLEX 250W GaN PSU is outfitted with an aluminum alloy body that dissipates heat quickly and since it is a fanless design, it has a robust zero noise operation under full load which makes it great for Home Theater and even Recording Lab environments.

Inside the HDPLEX 250W GaN ATX PSU, the company achieves a 1.18W/cm3 power density that breaks the 1W/cm3 barrier through the use of GaN (Gallium Nitride) chips and a highly efficient LLC+PFC structure. Furthermore, it has a fully modular design, featuring a standard 24-pin ATX plug, dual 8-pin connectors, and an additional 4-pin connector.

HDPLEX states that you can also sync the unit with a second PSU of the same making for a powerful yet passive 500W PSU config. Such a configuration can be used to run the CPU and motherboard off one PSU and the second one can be used to power a discrete graphics card.

HDPLEX 250W GaN ATX PSU features a unibody flat transformer that has outstanding consistency and eliminates noise caused by vibration. Four-layer 2oz copper PCB is best for the high current application while also quickly dissipating heat from GaN FET. Both 150µF Rubycon filter CAP and 9000µF Solid Cap have a super long life span. Three-stage AC filter circuit (2 LC+1 CLC) eliminates interference from the power grid.

The HDPLEX 250W GaN ATX PSU is rated at an efficiency of 94% at full load and utilizes two automotive-grade GaN FET and LLC stage also utilizes two automotive-grade GaN FET. HDPLEX 250W GaN uses four ATX 1KV 8A TTR8MF chips for full-wave rectification and guarantees a stable current for the output stage. 1% Resistor to ensure no deviation for every key point in the chain. The PSU is priced at $145 US with an ETA of June 2022. It comes with free shipping worldwide.

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