Photo Booth Video Kiosk Design: Memory Maker Weddings Deploys New Photobooth Design

2022-06-16 19:11:28 By : Mr. Wojin Inflatables

Memory maker is pleased to announce delivery of its first two newly designed kiosks. The portable kiosk has a slim profile of only 13” yet an inviting face showcasing its 19” touchscreen. Depending on the configuration, it weighs close to 135lbs fully loaded. The sturdy wheels with brakes make it easy to move the kiosk over any terrain. Lights, camera, and speakers are standard features that surround the touchscreen. Other standard features include the CD/DVD Rom and card reader. The printers and microphone are customizable to the operator’s specifications.

Michael Sheikh, president of Memory Maker, commented: “We are proud to unveil the new face of Memory Maker. The sleek design of the kiosk, functionality, plus the new software enhancements gives operators yet another addition to our diverse product offerings. If you simply want to upgrade your photo booth or get one of the most advanced photobooth video kiosks in the marketplace, Memory Maker has a product to suit your needs and budget.” Operators currently have the choice of buying the video booth software as a standalone product with a starter package priced at $2500 while the full version with unlimited upgrades is priced at $5000. The tripod version is the most portable and inexpensive photo video booth constructed with an HP Touchsmart mounted to a speaker stand. The new photo video booth kiosk caters to higher end operators with established business. The kiosks cost $10,000 each not including software. The special offer open to the first 10 preorders is the kiosk with the starter version of the software.

What is so revolutionary about this kiosk is the internal design. Instead of using a bulky desktop computer Memory Maker has chosen a laptop computer that docks directly into the kiosk for operation. This is so significant because now an operator can simply remove the “brains” of his kiosk and use it as a sales aid and then simply replace it when it’s showtime. This flexibility of design is one of the main reasons to choose a Memory Maker kiosk. Memory Maker has turned the laptop into a photo booth and video booth.

When asked how this new version stacks up against the competition Sheikh added: ‘‘What sets Memory Maker apart from the competition is the party favor maker option. Guests truly love the video CD keepsake with photo frame. Our operators report this is by far our most popular service offering. Our software also has a fully functioning photo booth option for those guests that just don’t want to do a video. While our photo booth competitors tout how fast their printer speed is we chose to focus on the quality of the guest experience through our interactive interface.” The photo video booth software is also equipped with a slide show mode that wirelessly powers a remote projector broadcasting images live throughout the reception. This creates the party nightclub element at the reception. Another guest option unique to Memory Maker is the file sharing. Guests can insert their sim cards into the card reader and download and share their pictures or videos with the party host. Sheikh opined: “Since our goal at every event is the highest level of guest satisfaction instead of number of pictures we end up with high quality event discs for the bridal couple that they will cherish for a lifetime.”

The Memory Maker photo video boothphoto video booth concept doesn’t replace the photographer / videographer but rather complements their service, offering them a reason to stay longer in order to capture the fun of the party. Sheikh said: “When the curtains are closed and the camera starts rolling people morph and their real personalities are revealed.” Guests stay entertained during the entire reception. The new kiosk will have a dual role and act as an “open air” photo booth as well as a pipe and drape booth that gives the guest privacy. This flexibility is great depending on the bridal couple or the venue. If the reception hall is cramped or the bridal couple wants to capture the fun on the dance floor the “open air” version is the best option. If the wedding reception is very structured or there is a lot of room at the reception site then the enclosed pipe and drape booth is typically the best fit.

A lot of people ask what is the Memory Maker machine? It is very hard to define because there are so many elements to it. Simply put it is a photo booth and video booth hybrid on steroids. Memory Maker photo booth software comes standard with the following elements:

Memory Maker is constantly evolving. With an emphasis on R&D, Memory Maker is already working on an HD version, a more customizable guest interface, and social media integration. “We’ve just scratched the surface of what is possible.” The core software engine is already built with these enhancements that will be integrated at a later date.

Memory Maker was established in 2002 with the goal of bringing to market the most innovative photo/video entertainment products. Initially the company focused in the coin operated market with placement in high profile locations like the Luxor in Las Vegas. Market forces re-shaped the company’s focus toward more lucrative markets like the event business. The company eventually carved out a niche in the wedding market, however, the company’s core competency is in software development and hardware integration.

Memory Maker has also branded itself as an operator on a regional scale that has given it unique functional expertise to rapidly incorporate product/software changes on a real time basis. The company is also evaluating a distributor and video booth franchise based model for software and kiosk sales. Memory Maker’s photo booth and video booth software is proprietary and allows the operator to customize it to almost any event. Memory Maker has 6 regional video booth kiosk rental operations throughout the United States and Mexico.

Memory Maker services hundreds of brides each year. The iconic image of our service is the 2 inch CD party favors given to the guests. The Memory Maker difference is apparent in the quality of the guest toasts since guests don’t feel pressured to give a toast and get to share the experience of others leaving toasts.

The Memory Maker Service is ideal for weddings, corporate events, trade shows, graduation parties, Bar/Batmizvas, anniversaries, and other special events.

Contact Information Memory Maker Michael Sheikh 509.624.1099 mike(at)memory-maker(dot)com

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