\'Air Jaws\': Watch a Shark Do a 360 Above the Water

2022-07-24 15:16:29 By : Ms. Mina He

In this exclusive sneak peek clip at the 2022 installment of \"Air Jaws,\" which airs as part of Discovery\'s Shark Week, a shark goes for the fake seal decoy and springs out of the water, rotating 360 in the air before diving back down into the deep.

A Florida teenager continues to recover from a shark attack in which she lost a leg. Her mother lives in Brevard County where one community is selling items to help in the girl's rehabilitation.

New Yorkers trying to cool off in the water at Rockaway Beach​ on Saturday were forced back to dry land after a shark sighting. CBS2's Alecia Reid reports.

College football unit rankings - the running backs. Ranking the top 10 overall, and then ranking each conference's running back situations.

If the government impairs liberty and permits others to take life, liberty or property, it should be altered or abolished.

The victim, Eric Larson, died due to his injuries on Tuesday, prompting the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to upgrade Gabriel Vargas-Garcia's charge to first-degree murder.

Super excited to see how these two are utilized this year! #GoBlue

STORY: Stories that made us smile this weekJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in Las Vegasafter the celebrity couple rekindled a romancealmost 20 years after they first got togetherLocation: Palermo, ItalyThis 98-year-old has become Italy’s oldest graduate – againGiuseppe Paterno completed a master’s course in history and philosophyLocation: Guadalajara, MexicoGuadalajara Zoo celebrated the birth of two Bornean orangutan babies(Luis Soto, Guadalajara Zoo Director) “Our most recent births are of two Bornean orangutan babies. This is important for two reasons: firstly, because we are the only Latin American zoo with a family of orangutans and a successful reproduction program. This is also a species that is under threat in its natural habitat. It’s in danger of disappearing, they are in danger of extinction. Within the next 20 or 25 years they could disappear from their natural habitat.”San Diego Comic-Con is back after a two-year hiatus(Tori Finley, Visitor) "Really excited, I was here last... I keep saying it's last year, it's been three years. I was here for 2019 so it's good to be back. It's the one time that all my friends from all over the world is in the same place, so it's nice to be back with everybody and just get to see all these new faces and meet new friends. It's a big part of why I come, so it's really good to be back."

Boris Johnson is planning a final trip to see Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine before leaving Downing Street, The Telegraph can disclose, as an ally said he “can’t just walk away”.

"Good riddance, douche."

In 1628, the Dutch East India Company’s new flagship, the Batavia, set sail from the Netherlands. She was named for her destination, in present-day Indonesia. However, that proved cruelly ironic: the Batavia was wrecked on Western Australia’s Houtman Abrolhos islands.

Rapid melting can impact sea level rise and also countries that rely on seasonal water supply from melting glaciers, said scientist William Lipscomb.

Shawn Johnson’s son Jett turned one on Tuesday, and he looks like a mini teenager in a cute new picture. The former Olympian shared a black-and-white shot of her and Jett yesterday, and he is already all grown up! “My boy 😍,” Johnson captioned the post. In it, Jett is wearing a short-sleeve button down […]

"How it started --> How it’s going," the country star captioned the clip.

Picture it, you grab everything you need: wallet, keys, notebooks, makeup, phone, chargers — you get it, there’s a lot. You use that oddly small pocket in your bag, thinking you’re as organized as possible. Then, when you try to find a simple pen, it all crumbles down and your purse’s entire contents are on […]

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A judge has ruled that prosecutors will be allowed to seek a first-degree murder conviction against a man accused of killing a sleeping woman by firing several shots into a western Pennsylvania home in the mistaken belief that someone inside was part of a botched drug deal.

Bringing a new baby into the family can be challenging. Older siblings may struggle with jealousy as the attention shifts to caring for a newborn, which is normal. Luckily for Brian Austin Green, his older kids have been “amazing” adjusting to baby Zane, whom he shares with girlfriend Sharna Burgess. “The kids are so amazing […]

The goal is to raise $250,000 for Johnny Pizarro II's six children and to cover his funeral expenses

Blues singer and "Elvis" actress Shonka Dukureh was found dead in her Nashville apartment Thursday, police said.

According to the National Weather Service in Phoenix, there will be a 60% chance of rain on both Sunday and Monday.